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Cruise Manager

( Ngày đăng: 19/03/2014 - Hạn nộp: 31/03/2014 )
Nơi làm việc : Hà Nội
Ngành nghề : Dịch vụ khách hàng
Mức lương : Thỏa thuận
Kinh nghiệm : Trên 5 năm
Bằng cấp : Cao đẳng
Số lượng : 1 người
Giới tính : Nam/ Nữ
Độ tuổi : 30 - 34 tuổi
Loại hình : Toàn thời gian
Ngôn ngữ hồ sơ: Tiếng Việt
Hình thức nộp : Mọi hình thức
Mô tả công việc
Reporting Line:
• Operations Manager

Work Location:
• Halong City - Quang Ninh province

Key Accountabilities:

• Manage & ensure smooth cruise operation/ activities according to approved programs & guarantee the high quality services though-out the vessel;
• Supervise, recruit and train all the staffs on boat;
• Maintain customer satisfaction, handle complaints and ensure the best service for clients;
• Control cost and increase profitability onboard;
• Maintain and control onboard passenger and crew safety;
• Schedule the duty - roster, approve the day-off plan for all the team on board on monthly basis & during the National Holidays;
• Rating the staff monthly & submit to the OPM/HR in order to work out a tipping & bonus
• Take care & manage guest relations for all inspections/ FAM trips on (to the) board, VIP handling;
• Welcome from the pier, cruise briefing (itinerary, activities, timing, safety demonstration...) & farewell to passengers personally;
• Sales presentation & visit customer whenever it requires;
• Set up the recruitment, training plan in standard and work shifts for all staffs
• Cooperate with Sales/Marketing staffs to organize events.
• Quality control of food, drinks and safe hygiene on board for both clients and crews
• Find out the solution of service improvement and cost reduction
• Attend the clients meeting, fairs or sale call if required
• Directly collect comments from the clients to settle all problems with related sections.
• Any other task as per requirement by OPM & BOD
Benefit and Compensation:

• An very competitive salary and benefits – fixed monthly paid + extra - incentive
• Social & health & additional insurance policy covered
• Meals and accommodation provided
• Being part of a rapidly growing company which can offer career growth prospects
• Work with an equal opportunity employer so you will always be able to advance on your own merit. We believe there are no limits to what you can achieve.
• Training opportunities
• Having the opportunity for international travel & training
• Exciting and fun working environment – with lots of extracurricular activities
Kỹ năng / Yêu cầu công việc

• Qualification: University degree in Hospitality or Tourism Management.
• Languages: Fluency in English, any other language skill is a definitive asset (French/ Spanish/ Japanese/ German/Vietnamese preferred )
• Experience: Minimum of 3 years working experience as a manager in a related business field.
• Good communication and personal management skills.
• Ability to teach and train new Vietnamese staff.
• Planning, organizational and leadership skills.
• Strong knowledge of Food, Beverage, Front Office & Housekeeping.
• Computer literate.
• Strong team-leading skills.
• Ability to work independently and under high pressure.
• Service-minded and need for a strong team player with can-do attitude.

Under-qualified candidates might be considered for Assistant Cruise Manager Positions.

Deadline for application:
• Date: 30 March 2014
• Address : 47 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi, Vietnam
or Apply via VietnamWorks

Due to the overwhelming of applications, we regret that only qualified candidates will be shortlisted and contacted for interviews.
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