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  • Phan Công Diễn
( Nam - 34 tuổi - Độc thân - Hồ Chí Minh )

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  • NSK Precision
    QC Supervisor - Từ 9/2012 đến 2014

    QC Supervisor
    NSK Precision
     To be responsible for checking the incoming products from suppliers.
    +Assess the quality of the imported products( bar-stocks and components )
    +Train the inspection methods and assess the quality of components for staffs
    +Issue the non-conforming products sheets for suppliers and follow up

     To be responsible for IPCQ (In Process Control Quality)
    +Make and implement the working instructions
    +Handle with abnormal problems on Lines
    +Train the product inspection methods on Lines
    +Assess product’s quality before mass production when changing Models

     To be responsible for shipment:
    +Make and implement the Out-going inspection standards
    +Assess the finished product’s quality
    +Make and implement the limit standards for checking products’ appearance
    +Make and issue the non-conforming products sheets for internal, monitor the
    implementation and effectiveness of countermeasure
    + Handle complains, confirm and monitor the effective of countermeasure
    implementation of related departments

     To be responsible for calibration of the measurement instruments:
    +Manage all measurement instruments
    +Make plan and record all the calibration
    +Train staffs how to use measurement instruments

     In addition: + Coordinate with managers to deploy, implement, improve and
    maintain the ISO (13485 ) system and QCC activity
    + Supervise and evaluate staff’ performance
    + Make daily report (work, product’s quality) to Director
    + Make monthly report about defects situation to parent company
    + Perform the internal and supplier audit, monitor
    countermeasures after audit
  • Nidec Viet Nam
    Team leader - Từ 9/2009 đến 9/2012

     Control quality of samples as well as the shipping schedule requested by
     Receive the request form to make samples directly from Sales Dept in Japan,
    implement plan to make samples.
     Implement works for engineers (such as: making the detailed drawings for
    samples, design new drawings for new models...), for workers (prepare
    material for samples on request).
     Make LINE for samples production, observe the operation of workers, control
    quality in each process.
     Corporate with engineers to evaluate new models about characteristics and
    specifications according to customer’s requirements.
     Participate in the profit improvement, the production cost decease and
    improve quality of products activities in the company.
     Make weekly reports (quantity of finished models, defects and
    countermeasures) for Japanese directors and presentation of the monthly
    quality conference in the company.
     In addition:
    + Have ISO & QCC certificates granted by the company.
    + Have knowledge about 6sigma, TQM, ISO. Have experience in QCC
    + Understand PLM System, SAP-ERP System.
    + I have been trained and have knowledge about ISO(9001,14001) , CSA,
    UL, and OHS...
  • Line Leader
    Kimberly Clark USA Corporation - Từ 7/2005 đến 9/2008

     Operate and maintain machine.
     Develop schedules and plans for maintenance team.
     Make a check sheet to monitor machine’s status and control the period of
    spare parts
     Make report to Production Director about daily production status
    (machine capacity, output, defectts, labour)
     Control and ensure best quality (follow quality process).
     Improve activity programs in factory(including productivity, progress of
    machine , decrease delay time of machine, production cost….)
     Guide new comer according to work instruction.

     In addition: QA knowledge, ESH (Environment Health Safety)

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